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Victoria Beckham
Jul 19, 2021
But what about the facts? The majority of the time, casual attire wins. According to studies, when the clothing code is eased, 61 percent of employees are more productive, while 80 percent of people who work in a workplace with a dress code don't find them useful. Those are some stunning figures. To break it down further, there are a few reasons why people have begun to choose a more casual attitude. One of the causes is the financial strain of working in a suit-and-tie setting, where you're expected to spend money on fine suits, shoes, ties, and dresses. Not everyone has the financial means to invest hundreds of dollars in their professional outfit. Another important factor is confidence and ease. Morale is greater and people are more productive overall when they can wear designer clothes for men and women that they feel comfortable and confident in. The majority of people will not be at ease in fancy suits, gowns, or heels that's why they always choose mens casual shirts online or mens casual jackets online.

Victoria Beckham

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