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alejandro meza
Mar 28, 2021
Hey what's up to anyone reading. I'm a complete beginner because I have been only collecting and building decks. After collecting cards and purchasing a number of boxes, I stopped collecting for a while. I have what I consider a noobie deck for Gogeta:Dbs and I would like to upgrade my deck (2). I haven't played any official matches but only with my friends because I provide them with decks of my own to play with. Listed below is my current deck from around 8 months+ (No unison at the time). I saw one of Supah Playaz video with Jiren vs Gogeta. (GOGETA BLUE VS JIREN FULL POWER! Dragon Ball Super Card Game (EPIC BATTLE! (1) And I liked the Gogeta deck although I wasn't able to see the whole deck I would like to copy it. So what did being said, Is his deck viable for tournaments and if not what can be changed in order to do so. If it is viable could somone plz post the deck below. Thanks a whole lot to whoever reads this and a special thank you to whoever is able help me, I do apologize if this was a lengthy post but I wanted to get everything down for better understanding. SSB Gogeta, Prophet of Demise is the leader he was using in the video. 1. Picture of Gogeta leader. 2. My old Gogeta deck list Leader: SSB Gogeta Fusion Perfected SSB Gogeta Fusion onslaught x2 SSB Gogeta Fusions Pinnacle x1 SSB Gogeta Resonant Explosion x3 SS Gogeta Acrobatic Warrior x2 Gogeta Unparraleled Fusion Warrior x2 Harmonic Energy SSB Vegeta x3 Harmonic Energy SSB Goku x3 Veku, The Fragile x2 Preemtive Strike SSG Vegeta x3 Preemtive Strike SSG Goku x2 Vegeta Prepping for Fusion x4 Goku Prepping for Fusion x4 God Grace Whis (Green 1 energy) x1 Is That all Youve Got? (Vegeta counter) x3 Son Goku In close quarters x3 Denial of Hope (Broly counter:play) x4 Foreseeing Hit x2 Afterimage Technique (Kid Goku Counter:Attack) x3 Master Roshi Martial Expert x3
I Would Like To Build A Gogeta Deck. content media
alejandro meza
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