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Leader: Ultimate Lifeform Cell

4 Dr. Gero, Evil's Inventor (bt3-067)

4 Stouthearted Android 16 (bt3-068)

4 Dreadful Duo, Android 17 (bt3-064)

4 Dreadful Duo, Android 18 (bt3-065)

4 Growing Evil Lifeform Cell (bt2-086)

3 Iron Hammer of Justice Android 16 (bt2-094)

3 Martial Expert Tien Shinhan (bt2-083)

2 Twin Brother Android 17 (bt2-089)

2 Twin Sister Android 18 (bt2-091)

4 Evolving Evil Lifeform Cell (bt2-085)

2 Expanding Energy Android 17 (bt2-088)

2 Relentless Destruction Mira (bt3-117)

4 Cell's Birth (bt2-099)

4 Create Android (bt3-080)

4 Speedy Surprise Attack (bt3-081)


50 Total Cards in Deck

1 Leader Card


Ultimate Life Form Cell: Starter Deck

SKU: 17181613
  • This conatins a leader card and starter deck with the nessesary cards to building an optimitzing Cell Deck. 

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