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Leader: Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

4 Broly, Dawn of the Rampage (bt1-076)

4 Trunks, Bridge to the Future (bt3-062)

4 Overflowing Bio Warrior Army (bt1-078)

4 Paragus, Controller of Monsters (bt1-077)

2 Son Goten, Family of Justice (bt1-063)

4 Trunks, Protector of Children (bt1-069)

4 Energy Power Gotenks (bt1-071)

2 Martial Expert Tien Shinhan (bt2-083)

4 Rampaging Lifeform Bio-Broly (bt1-074)

3 Rampaging Super Saiyan Broly (bt1-075)

3 Relentless Destruction Mira (bt3-117)

4 Broly's Ring (bt1-081)

4 Full Power Energy (bt1-080)

4 Enraged Gohan Awakening (bt2-097)


50 Total Cards in Deck

1 Leader Card

Broly Starter Deck

SKU: 28181993
  • This conatins a leader card and starter deck with the nessesary cards to building an optimitzing Broly Deck. 

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