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Leader: Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Training Complete

Deck List

4 BT1-040 Bulma, God Tempter

4 BT3-041 Majin Defier, North Supreme Kai

3 BT2-061 Universe 10 Supreme Kai Gowasu

4 BT3-043 Powers Combined, Kibito Kai

2 BT2-046 Beerus, Essence of Destruction

4 BT1-044 Whis, The Resting Attendant

2 BT2-059 God of the Gods Great Priest

3 BT1-050 Guardian North Kai

3 BT3-042 Kibito, Kai's Attendant

4 BT3-039 Majin Defier, West Supreme Kai

4 BT3-038 Unyielding Defender, East Supreme Kai

4 BT1-042 Energy Boost Beerus

3 BT2-047 Whis, the Sacred Guard

2 BT1-054 Encouraging Presence Monaka

4 BT1-055 Whis's Coercion


Total of 50 Card Deck Plus 1 Leader

Beerus Starter Deck

  • This conatins a leader card and starter deck with the nessesary cards to building an optimitzing Andriod 17 & 18 Deck. 

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