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10 Best Decks To Start With In Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Dragon Ball Super Card Game is a brand new game and deciding what deck to start with is always a hard choice. I will give you 10 decks that can get you started and having fun.

We’ll tell you 10 decks you can build in Dragon Ball Super Card Game that will help you get started. These decks are easy to play and are a perfect way to get started in DBS CCG.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Pick A Starter Deck

First of all I would recommend to pick a DBS deck based on your favorite characters, then go buy the cards on our website we sell custom starter decks.

You can pick a deck to start playing Dragon Ball Super TCG on our website. These are perfect for beginners

You can pick a deck to start playing Dragon Ball Super TCG on our website. These are perfect for beginners.

1. Android Theme Deck

Android 17 & 18 are the leaders in this deck and it is mainly based on the android archetype. The main point of this deck is to bring out 17 & 18 cards to attack your opponent to death.

Once you get to enough energy you can bring out the bigger androids to finish the job and take out your opponent. Perfect for beginners trying to get into Dragon Ball Super card Game.

2. Champa Theme Deck

Champa is a powerful leader that has the ability to draw when your battle cards attack and is able to grant double strike when awakened.

This deck is heavily based on Universe 6 and can help you have a blast while learning how to play dragon Ball Super Card Game.

3. Beerus Theme Deck

Beerus is a unique leader that has the ability to k.o battle cards that are 2 cost or less while on is unawakened side.

When he is awakened he is able to win automatically by having 16 cards as energy. This deck uses the power of the gods to ramp up and get lots of energy to auto win with your Beerus effect.

4. Android 13 Theme Deck

Android 13 is a leader that uses Android 14 and Android 15 to turn into super Android 13. This deck is perfect for beginners because it is easy to play.

The point of this deck is to get Android 14 and Android 15 in the drop in order to absorb them and use them to destroy your opponent's hand.

5. Majin Buu Theme Deck

Majin Buu is a deck that plays the supreme kai gods and your goal to win the game is to absorb them.

You bring out the big Majin Buu cards out to finish off your opponent. The supreme kai cards aid Majin Buu to victory.

6. Goku Black Theme Deck

Goku Black is a very unique deck because you use the leader Goku Black to get energy. The way this deck wins is by using lots of energy to bring out Goku Blacks and Zamasu's to win the game.

Then when Goku Black is awakened he is strong enough to finish the job on his own. Goku Black has the power of double strike when you are at lethal health. This ability combined with lots of energy is what makes him so good.

7. Zamasu Theme Deck

Zamasu has the ability to have your deck count as your life. He has the unique ability to draw by taking your life and you use that to awaken your self to live forever.

When awakened whenever you where to lose life instead of losing regular damage you lose life by losing cards from your deck instead. This gives you enough time to survive and defeat your opponent.

8. Golden Frieza Theme Deck

Golde Frieza has the power to recover energy by killing your own cards. This deck is very fun and uses your own Frieza Army Cards to win the game.

Frieza is also able to draw you cards when you use Golden Frieza's ability to kill your Frieza Army members. It is easy to learn and a lot of fun to play.

9. Trunks Theme Deck

Trunks is a deck that is pretty simple to understand because it takes advantage of the combo game mechanic in Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

Every time you combo with Trunks you are able to draw 1 card.This deck uses this ability to make huge combo plays to make your opponent take the damage.

10. Captain Ginyu Theme Deck

Captain Ginyu is able to take control of the game by using the Ginyu Force to beat down your opponent. The leader is able to bring out Ginyu memebers at the cost of 1 life.

This deck is one of the most fun decks to play and it is very simple to understand when you are getting started in DBS TCG.


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