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Dragon Ball Super TCG: Zenkai - Set 04 HYPE & INFORMATION

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Hey there Dragon Ball fans, today we are excited to talk about the latest Dragon Ball Super TCG: Zenkai - Set 04! This set introduces some amazing new gameplay features, including the expansion of the "Z Stack" keyword introduced in Set 03. This new box will be coming around sometime in June 2023!

With the Z Stack keyword, players can now stack their Z Cards for even greater gameplay effects. This allows players to recreate some of the most epic transformation and parasite scenes from Dragon Ball history. By stacking cards, you can unleash some truly powerful and dramatic moves that will leave your opponents reeling.

And that's not all, the new Set 04 also includes a lineup of warriors who have come back to life in the midst of battle! Classic characters like Perfect Cell and Golden Frieza make an appearance, but the real standout is Super Uub, who joins the fray as a leader to recreate his fusion with Majin Buu.

And for those looking for rare and exclusive cards, Set 04 contains three Secret Rare cards, including some with familiar characters beloved by all Dragon Ball fans! One of Dragon Ball's most famous scenes is here as a God Rare featuring a new illustration style that will excite all fans of the original.

But the real fun comes from building your own Z Deck with all of these amazing cards. By collecting and stacking the right cards, players can recreate some of the most iconic moments from the Dragon Ball series. So, make sure to have the full 7 cards in your Z Deck for optimal gameplay and deck building fun.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super TCG: Zenkai - Set 04 is an exciting addition to the game, with new gameplay features and a lineup of fan-favorite characters. So, make sure to get your hands on this set and start building your ultimate Z Deck today!


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