About Us

We are Supah Playaz & we are located in United States Los Angeles California

We love everything that has to do with card games and Dragon Ball Z and that is why we started the YouTube channel called Supah Playaz! We have commentated Nationals and events for Dragon Ball super card game and have opened up numerous booster boxes for Bandai.

Email: Supahplayaz@gmail.com

Our Supah Story

We started playing the card game Dragon Ball super and we fell in love with it. We continue to make content around Dragon Ball super card game and everything that has to do with Dragon Ball. We support the game and our goal is to make sure that the game stays alive and fun for everyone.
We started Supah Playaz in 2017 because we enjoy playing Dragon Ball Super Card Game. We want to make sure everyone is able to enjoy Dragon Ball Super content and is able to get into the game as either a collector, competitive player, or causal player. 

The Founders of Supah Playaz

Join us in our journey to make Dragon Ball Super one of the most popular card games!

Become a Supah Playa by joining our website, participating in the DBS Forum, and watching our Supah videos! Smashing the Like Button, Commenting, and Subscribing helps us on our mission to make this game one the BEST!

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